Security operations span from corporate and industrial facilities to high-traffic retail and entertainment venues. These operations demand vehicles that are comfortable and easy to operate as well as agile and quick in responding to emergencies.

Move by SWORD is a unique electric standup vehicle (ESV), designed with the world leader in the industry – T3 Motion. SWORD Move integrates the SWORD Enterprise unit on a custom operating console to allow the operator to use all SWORD functionalities from their vehicle to identify immediate threats.

With the ever-changing threat landscape, SWORD Move can now be deployed by security firms and law enforcement agencies to immediately detect known and concealed threats that offers a high level of visibility for the driver along with the agility to respond quickly to immediate threats.

sword features

Real Time Threat Detection

Immediately identify concealed threats, identify known individuals or respond to location based gunshot detection alerts

Customized SWORD Control Console

Combine various features to allow your operator to use all SWORD functionalities in real time but also access company mobile apps


No gasoline costs and fewer personnel on patrol means money back in your pocket

No Downtime

Quick charging times on dual batteries allow you to swap batteries and get back on patrol in under one minute


Flexible, raised platform for situational awareness and comfort


Zero-degree turning radius helps you be as agile as a foot patrol officer, but with the speed and control of a vehicle


Three-wheel design for officer safety and control

Quick response

Up to 20-mph speed capability for rapid response and pursuit

Rugged construction

Sturdy design for long life and safety

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