Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SWORD?

    SWORD is the world’s first, mobile, proactive, multiple threat detection and identification device. Our multi-tier technologies, including a 6-hour lithium battery, are embedded in a military-grade case and secured to an Apple iPad 9.7"

  • What are the capabilities of SWORD?

    SWORD capabilities include the proactive, non-invasive, remote scanning of individuals, objects and packages for detection and identification of concealed weapons and persons of interest. Our threat detection functionality is a combination of 3 technologies connected by proprietary software algorithms and custom low frequency millimeter wave technology.

    SWORD features are agnostic to environmental conditions and can operate in rain, fog or total darkness. Our multi-tiered threat detection platform can simultaneously scan for known persons on a custom database, over 8000 known weapons and runs continuous gunshot detection technology, all within milliseconds.

  • Is there any privacy, legal or regulatory concerns with the use of SWORD?

    SWORD is non-invasive and utilizes a generic body image shape to indicate the location of possible weapons or explosive devices. We do not store any data and any facial recognition databases are owned by the client.

  • What happens if SWORD and/or iPad is damaged or does not work?

    In addition to the ongoing software and database additions provided in the monthly subscription fee, it also includes SWORD Care. SWORD Care is an unconditional replacement warranty where upon notification of damage or operational problems by the SWORD user, a new replacement SWORD device is shipped overnight to the responsible party at no cost. We also provide 24/7/365 online ticketing support as well as a customer call center.

  • What are the costs involved?

    Please contact us, or an authorized SWORD distributor in your area, for both leasing and purchase options for SWORD.

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