SWORD is the only platform that proactively detects and deters threats as they enter the venue, instantly delivering actionable intelligence to security personnel at the exact moment they need it.

  • Prevent Terror Attacks Through Knightscan
  • Keep Out Watchlist Suspects With Shieldscan
  • Expedite Entry
  • Intelligent Gunshot Detection
  • Instant Team Alerts

Tented and Proprietary

SWORD instantly alerts your security team when a concealed weapon is detected, blacklisted/VIP individuals are indentified or when shots are fired.

Ultimate Sports and Concert Platform

Maintain high throughput with non-invasive scanning, increase fan experience and safety without causing congestion.

Scalable and Fastest Recognition

Upload up to 100 000 people on the ShiledScan database. Get detection and recognition results in under 1.2 seconds

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